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Powerful Performance

Proven Results

Paverx revitalizes, seals, protects, and beautifies asphalt pavements. 

Paverx is a one-of-a-kind rejuvenator designed to restore asphalt on roadways and runways lengthening the value of your investment and ensuring a long-life! 

Halts Asphalt Aging

The revitalizing and restorative effects of Paverx have been proven to last many years slowing the rate of future asphalt aging and resulting in considerable cost savings over time.

Stops Surface Cracking

By rejuvenating and softening hard, brittle binder, Paverx stops surface cracking and heals small hairline cracks. It seals out water to reduce potential for future damage.


Paverx restores the rich dark black color for a beautiful asphalt surface.

Restores Flexibility

Paverx’s twice refined rejuvenating oils stop the oxidation process and changes the molecular composition of the binder to reduce asphalt viscosity and stop top-down cracking

Prevents Fuel Damage

Fuel breaks down asphalt maltenes. Paverx is fuel resistant and seals asphalt protecting against future fuel damage -resistant to diesel, gasoline and Mil-5606.

Zero PAH Migration

Paverx’s proven site lock technology prevents PAH migration.

Paverx Creates Super Binder! 

Paverx’s unique concentration of rejuvenating oils stops the oxidation process and changes the molecular composition of the binder. This new “super binder” stops top down cracking and heals hairline and spider cracks. Further oxidation is slowed to less than 2% in 5 years. 

This viscosity reduction graph shows the extreme impact Paverx made at Huntsville Madison County Airport. Explore the full case study to find out more about the conditions of the runway before and after Paverx was applied! 


The Paverx Promise

Paverx is guaranteed not to chip, peel, crack or fade for 5 years!

Approved For Use

Paverx is designed to meet roadway and runway specifications worldwide. 


TXDOT Approved

Paverx boasts over 30 years of independent testing, field tests, and case studies that prove its effectiveness on roadways and runways. 


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