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Paverx boasts over 30 years of independent laboratory testing, field-testing, and extensive case studies. Time and time again, results are conclusive in the short and long-term effectiveness of Paverx as a restorative asphalt rejuvenator. 

Huntsville Madison County Airport Viscosity Reduction Case Study

In 2005, Huntsville Madison County Airport applied Paverx to its runways and taxiways in accordance with FAA specification EB44A. The application occurred in late fall during very cold and damp weather, the worse possible conditions for the application of any treatment.

Airport engineers removed core samples of the pavement before application. The pavement was oxidized as confirmed by these core tests. The untreated asphalt had an absolute viscosity of 105,600 or about 10 times harder than new asphalt.

Paverx was applied at a rate of 0.06 gallons per square yard. Three days after application, the pavement was sampled by taking cores from random locations. Paverx reduced the absolute viscosity of the binder by an average of 81% from the original viscosity.

Long Term Viscosity Reduction Case Study

In 2006, the state of North Carolina chose Paverx to be used to rejuvenate the asphalt pavements at Johnston County Airport. Core samples were taken before the application as control samples to measure the effectiveness of the treatment. The sampels revealed the asphalt to be treated was a “worse case” scenario. The initial viscosity of the binder was in excess of 500,000, a level that is off the high end of the scale. Three days following a single application of Paverx at a rate of 0.065 gallons per square yard, new core samples were taken. Laboratory analysis found viscosity had been reduced to 90,500 CP (average). Paverx reduced the viscosity by more than 80%. 

In June 2010, random sampels were taken and submitted for the measurement of absolute viscosity. After four years, the viscosity remained low at 109,700 CP. That equates to an increase of less than 2% over 4 years. These results proved that rejuvenation with Paverx is long lasting and effective. 

Asphalt Beautification Restored

The core sample on the left was taken from an eight year old taxiway. It shows the effects of oxidation and aging. All of the original asphalt cement is worn off. The stone and the binder has receded so there is stone loss. The sample on the right was treated with Paverx at a rate of 0.85 fl. oz. per square foot. It’s original appearance is restored and the damaging effects of weather sealed out for many, many years!

Cracking Eliminated - Asphalt Road Case Study

“These pictures were taken on June 1, 2010 and really do not do full justice wo the dramatic differences in the road at this time. The one mile section of road that was treated with Paverx has additional cracking of approximately 1,000 lineal feet, while the remaining 6 miles has an additional 15,000-20,000 lineal feet per mile. It proves that Paverx will extend the life of asphalt roads!”

– Dennis R. Thomas – Grundy County, Iowa


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