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Paverx is Easily Applied

Paverx may be easily applied to runways or roadways using an asphalt distributor. 

Spray onto the surface at a computer controlled rate of 0.05 to 0.075 gallons per square yard. Rates vary based on existing pavement damage and desired outcome. 

Protect area from traffic while drying (8-24 hours). High traffic areas may be treated with Black Beauty and reopened to traffic in a few hours. 

Do Not Apply Like Seal Coat!

Seal coats are typically applied using a sprayer system resulting in uneven coverage. 

Paverx is applied with an asphalt distributor to ensure uniform and even coverage. By applying Paverx as a specified controlled rate directly to the asphalt, the chemical is able to permeate the pavement surface to deliver consistent results.

The Paverx Promise

Paverx is guaranteed not to chip, crack, flake, or peel when applied by a certified applicator.