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Seal Coat vs. Rejuvenation

Traditional Seal Coat sits on top of the asphalt surface providing a new finish but does not restore or treat any asphalt damage and, in fact, contributes to additional underlying damage. 

Unline traditional seal coat, Paverx is both a rejuvenator and a penetrating sealer. The underlying asphalt is sealed and repaired on a molecular level which is proven to increase its life by many years. Unlike sealcoats, Paverx is guaranteed not to chip, crack, flack, peel, or pit! 

Seal Coat Makes Conditions Worse

Seal coats are a cheap fix to cover up a problem but makes the conditions underneath worse!

Traditional seal coats do not repair oxidative damage. Instead they form a non-elastic coating on the surface that expands and contracts at different rates than the pavement below. This results in chicken wire and spider cracking. To repair this additional damage, more seal coat is applied and conditions continue to worsen.

Seal Coat Cannot Restore!

“If a rejuvenator is to successfully resurrect an aged facility, it must be able to penetrate the pavement and to a limited depth improve or restore the maltenes to asphaltenes balance.”

Robert E. Boyer, Ph.D., P.E. Senior District Engineer, Asphalt Institute