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When to Apply Paverx

Rescue Old Pavements

Paverx can rejuvenate even the oldest, most brittle asphalt restoring its luster, lowering its viscostiy and reducing potential for cracking. Old pavements can be patched, routed, and crack sealed before Paverx is applied. Once Paverx is applied, the repairs will blend in and the area will have a uniform appearance.

Corrective Maintenance

Paverx may be used to soften and prepare old pavement prior to resurfacing. Application of Paverx will reduce the reoccurrence of some cracking and is often used in place or fabric. The application will promote the bond between the old and new surfaces. 

Preventative Maintenance

Paverx should be applied at the first signs of asphalt aging. When the asphalt starts to discolor and turn gray, it is an ideal time to arrest the oxidation and extend the life of your investment! Apply at the first signs of cracking, stripping, raveling, or petroleum damage.

New Asphalt

Applying Paverx to new asphalt guarantees protection of your investment for many years. Paverx should be applied to new asphalt to seal out the effects of oxidative damage, water infiltration, and petroleum damage. 

“Applying a rejuvenator to a new surface a few weeks after it has been laid does several things to the pavement. Besides restoring the origianl asphalt properties that were lost in the HMA manufacture, the chemical assists in sealing the pavement as well as in improving the durability of the surface course.”

Robert E. Boyer, Ph.D., P.E.

Senior District Engineer, Asphalt Institute

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